Qualification Process

“Our business is only as good as our partners.

It is because of this, we must be selective when deciding which candidates will contribute to the strength of our growing business.”

  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
    The partnership process begins with a form that is completed online and submitted via our website. It is then reviewed by a K2NE Director of Partnership Development.


  • Pre-Qualification Call
    The partnership process starts with a conversation with your designated K2NE Director of Partnership Development. This conversation is designed to inform you with necessary information on the K2NE partnership opportunity. We also utilize this time to get to know you and your goals.


  • Sign Partnership Agreement
    Welcome to the K2NE family!

  • Site Selection & Approval

      A Director of Partnership Development will work with you in your market to find the best location for          your K2NE store and help you submit for approval.


  • Call with K2NE agent

      Your K2NE Director of Partnership Development will review the build-out timelines and schedule                 training.


A list of items that need to complete will also be put together prior to your training and store opening

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