The Ideal Candidate

After being in the wireless industry for over 30 years we’ve learned what it takes to run a successful wireless business. It’s a combination of many attributes such as skills, attitude, ambition and sheer determination.

In other words, the key to franchise success is a mixture of tangible and intangible attributes.

Essential Attributes

  • An understanding of wireless retail environments – this includes managing employees, inventory and customer service


  • A willingness to get involved with the community and market yourself


  • A matching customer service philosophy and the ability to create a positive customer experience


  • The ability to adapt to change (the wireless world and wireless devices are constantly evolving)


  • The ability to implement and follow a proven systems but also think for yourself



  • A desire to control your own destiny and the need to benefit from your own hard work.


  • A desire to better your business and the lives of your employees



  • A real and sincere belief in the wireless industry and its growth potential

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